Mehmet Cakir Female Dormitory is located on the campus of International University of Sarajevo within the walking distance of the university. Since 2010, we are providing service to our students during their academic life with the knowledge that the success is a result of well-established physical and psychosocial atmosphere. With this in mind our stuff is considering the students’ comfort as a first priority for their prosperity.

Mehmet Cakir Female Dormitory is a quadruplex building with the capacity of 159 students and consisting of 51 rooms which are organized as 16 double, 15 triple(separate sleeping and study room), 18 quadruple (separate sleeping and study room) and 2 five people (separate sleeping and study room) occupancy rooms. 

The dormitory has full-time security guards which are supported by both indoor and outdoor   surveillance camera system. To provide in room security, students have their own personal keys.



In the building, student facilities and services include a shared seminar room for social activities, a library, a study room, a drafting room (with specialized desk for architecture students), and a canteen.


24 hours nonstop

Students are having administrator, receptionist and security guards when there is a need


Laundry service

Laundry service is offered in the dormitory by the in charge employee

You can enjoy the Campus Cafe


Residence Hall will store your belongings during the summer. Students will move their items from their room, store them, and receive them in the fall.

Storage for Summer

The Dormitory stuff cleans the public spaces in dormitory, including the hallways, common rooms, common bathrooms and laundry rooms, but students are responsible for cleaning their room.

Hot water usage capacity are available in the building for 24 hours and also every floor is provided by an electric kettle that residents use to heat up water for tea, oatmeal, hot cocoa, soup, and pour over coffee.